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Rally-Motor is de Europese importeur van het Amerikaanse Rottweiler Performance Systems. We hebben de Stage 3 SAS/CAN removal kit op voorraad voor de KTM 990/1050/1090/1190/1290. Deze kit is leverbaar in een A en B versie. Welke versie je nodig hebt is afhankelijk van het concrete type KTM en het bouwjaar. Geef tijdens het bestelproces dus even aan welk type KTM je hebt en welk bouwjaar, dan zorgen wij ervoor dat je de juiste versie ontvangt. Hieronder kun je al een indicatie krijgen welke kit geschikt is voor jouw motor:


NEW! All of our SAS plates are now Thermocoated! This means that unlike other anodized plates, they will never fade from heat or UV and will look good for the lifetime of your motorcycle.

The SAS Stage 3 kit has everything you will need to completely remove the emissions on your KTM twin and is highly recommended for the Adventure 990 models due to the lack of stock hoses left over to complete the job. Outside of that model the Stage 3 SAS kit is also designed to aid in balancing the throttle bodies in the future. EXPLANATION: The ports on the throttle bodies that are used to measure the vacuum on each throttle body can be very difficult and time consuming to access and this kit contains parts so that hoses can be attached at one given time (Usually when a Rottweiler Intake System is being installed) and then routed to a place that is much easier to access when the balancing of the throttle bodies is desired. 

What is throttle body balancing? Throttle bodies are the method used with fuel injection to deliver the air and fuel mixture to the engine. At idle, the throttle plates are only slightly opened and these openings are critical for a smooth idle and roll off from a stop. If they are out of sync (one is open more than another), you may have a rough idle or poor take off from a stop. Balancing the throttle bodies requires a vacuum tool (available below) to properly measure and correct the slight differences in air flow from one throttle opening to another and is attached to the same ports that the canister valve used to connect to (before removing the emissions). If this is something you think you may do in the future, you will be thankful that this kit is already installed and ready when you are. If balancing the throttle bodies is not something you think you will ever do, we recommend our SAS Stage 2 kit. Balancing the throttle bodies on a KTM Adventure 990 is extremely easy due to the dual fuel tank setup and the ability to run the bike with the fuel tanks secured. Keep in mind that this may a more difficult task on single tank models requiring the fuel tank to be 'propped up' while the bike is running.  

The differences between the Stage 2 and 3 SAS kits is only the addition of 8' (3.5m) of tygon hose, a hose holder and some caps. 

NOTE: To install this kit on a KTM Adventure 1190/1290, you must remove the throttle bodies and that is best done when installing an intake at the same time. 

  • 2.5 Lbs weight reduction
  • More room for tools
  • No more popping on deceleration
  • Cleans up engine spac

The Stage 3 kit includes:

SAS Removal:

  • 2 Rottweiler Performance SAS Plates
  • 1 FI light dongle to stop the FI light from coming on when the SAS valve is removed
  • 1 Rubber Plug (Stock Air-Box Only)
  • 1 Constant tension spring (For above Rubber Plug)

Canister Removal (Canisterectomy):

  • 1 FI Light dongle to stop the FI light from coming on when the canister valve is removed
  • 6' of Dakar style Tygon hose for running new fuel tank breather lines
  • 2' of Dakar style Tygon hose for running new throttle body synchronizing hoses (See option below to add and save $10 on a Motion Pro 'Sync Pro' throttle body balancing tool)
  • 2 thumb screw vacuum line caps
  • 4- 8mm spring clips for synchronizing hoses
  • 1- Nylon hose guides.

Kit Selection Chart:

Choose 'A' Kit for:

  • All KTM twin models up to 2016 (Except Super Duke GT)
  • Super Adventure 'T' (ALL)

Choose 'B' Kit for:

  • All 2017+ models (Except Super Adventure 'T')
  • Super Duke GT (ALL)

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