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CJ Designs

CJ Designs

CJ Designs, LLC was founded in 2008 by Craig Johnson.  Craig combined his skills as a CNC machinist, love of riding, and his desire for designing practical parts that improve the function and aesthetics of his bike.  As Craig developed his riding skills and developed his love of dual-sport travel, his products evolved to meet the needs that he had on the road.  Therefore, the parts that Craig designs and manufactures, along with the products they endorse and sell, have been thoroughly realized and tested via exhaustive on and off road miles.
Craig travels extensively in the Mid-west, mainly on trails in Wisconsin and Michigan, and he has developed and tested his products from the Pacific to the Atlantic to the Gulf, over and through the Rockies, Smokies, Adirondacks, Brooks, Chugach, Appalachian, and Ozarks (amongst others), 8 out of the 10 provinces/territories of Canada, into Copper Canyon and extensively in Mexico (including navigating Mexico City- which is a feat onto itself!).  Craig has logged more than 110,000 miles on his 2006 KTM 950 Adventure, and he has logged many additional miles on other dual-sport bikes (KTM, BMW, Moto Guzzi).
We test and design what we produce and sell ourselves.  Our competitors have to job out the design and testing processes, because they don’t have those types of skills.  That’s what sets us apart.  We have a more intimate knowledge of the products and why they are the best design possible.

CJ Designs is a small company, comprised of Craig, Katie, and Ken.  Craig spends his time with design, testing, manufacturing, and sales.  Katie works mainly in the office, spending time with the accounting, event planning, IT support, and errand-running.  When she is not working at CJ Designs, Katie is also a practicing physical therapist specializing in geriatrics, neuro-rehabilitation, and ergonomics.  Ken is our bookkeeper and doer of odd jobs.

CJ Designs is also blessed to have other very special people who contribute their expertise, time, and efforts to CJ Designs, to which we are truly grateful.  Matthew heads our Cleveland annex, and his efforts with photography, promotion, product testing, shop help, and idea-generating have been invaluable.  Joey and Jane Jancoski have served to help in the shop, product testing, and assisting with trips and events at CJ Designs.

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CJ Designs BASIC waterpump rebuilt KIT short shaft

CJ Designs waterpomp reparatie KIT (kort model) KTM 950 990 Adventure

109,95 *
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CJ Designs BASIC waterpump rebuilt KIT long shaft

CJ Designs waterpomp reparatie KIT  (lang model) KTM 950 990 adventure

109,95 *
Op voorraad
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