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CAMEL one finger clutch KTM 790

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Attention: RALLY-MOTOR has the newest V2 version in the color orange. They have a tighter bore hole for better bite on the 790’s unsplined clutch shaft. 

We love the new KTM 790 Adventure off-road but found the clutch friction zone to be narrower than we'd like. To help smooth out the toggle switch-like clutch feel, we designed a new clutch actuator arm that is 19mm longer than stock. This longer arm not only widens the friction zone by 60%, but it also reduces the clutch pull substantially for easy one finger clutch operation! The wider friction zone and one finger clutch operation make riding off-road more enjoyable. The light clutch pull is also great for riding in stop and go traffic. 
Benefits: Clutch friction zone is widened by 60% 
Clutch pull is reduced by 33% 
Reduced arm pump 
Easier modulation of clutch for off road riding 
Reduced hand fatigue in stop and go traffic 
Easy install 
Compatible with aftermarket hydraulic clutch systems
The kit includes: 
Anodized 6061 billet aluminum clutch arm 
TIG welded, stainless steel, powder coated cable guide 
Stainless steel cable clevis and pin

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