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Rally-Motor is a young retail and import company, which commenced out of pure passion for (off-road) motor cycling. We strive to live by the following guidelines:


1. Sell quality products in the rally and adventure motorcycle segment.

2. Importing quality producs from all around the world in these segments.

3. Achieve competitive pricing for our customers

4. Maximize customer satisfaction


How Rally-Motor values ‘quality’ can be compared with a good restaurant. A limited menu card, but the producs sold are the ones we work with ourselves, guaranteeing their top-quality. For this reason we are the import agency for the American brands ICO RACING, Rottweiler Performance, Cyclops and Giant Loop luggage. These brands we back for the full 100%.


Because quality products and competitive pricing don’t often go hand in hand, our company required a solid yet cost efficient operating model. For example: We have our own stock supply, but we expedite a large part of our business through the internet, keeping in mind customer intimacy by always having and open mind and thinking along the lines of customer needs. If neccesary, we are able to rebuild your rally or all-road bike.


In what ways does Rally-Motor try to cut costs in order to be competitive? A large part of our cost savings comes from small initiatives, which do have a cost-saving impact when you put them together. For example: Rally-Motor’s website encompasses a basic webshop/template. Because of this choice in basic set-up, we can do the webshop maintenance ourselves,  keeping money in our own pockets instead of having to hire someone to do this for us. That being said: safety in online shopping has our top-priority. The securitysoftware that we use is the latest version and the compagny sitelock scans our website 24/7 for mallware. Last but not least, not only do we aim to purchase against competitive prices,  we also try to purchase in a smart manner. For our orders from the U.S., we arrange combined shipments, which save shipment and customs costs. Because of this we can sell American producs in Europe for a competitive pricing. All the above mentioned aspects are executed keeping in mind one objective: To achieve a fair and competitive pricing  for our customers.


And our goal of maximum customer satisfaction? That is achived by having a relaxed attitude and being there for our customers when needed. Are you traveling and in need of an urgent motorcycle spare part? Because of our contracts with multiple transport agencies, we immediately know the fastest and cheapest way to get the parts to you! Furthermore, we have a straight-forward return policy and are flexibel in the way we operate our business. We are open and transparant. Because of this we use Trustpilot for our reviews, since it's the most open consumer review platform there is Payments on our website are made through payment provider MOLLIE. That way, you can pay in almost every way you want. We are also a proud member of the Dutch Webshop Trustmark, what ensures safe shopping for all our customers. 




And, despite the fact we aren’t a motorcycle maintenance company, we do have the knowledge. Because of that, the assembling of parts is possible. However, spending time fixing and repairing one’s own motorcyle gives (in our opinion) is truly the cherry on the pie when it comes to motor cycling.


Wouter van Duijn

Owner Rally-Motor




Tanzania, Dar es Salaam 2011