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TEKMO Titanium complete system ktm 690 / Husqvarna 701

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Tekmo Titanium complete system ktm 690 / Husqvarna 701

Introducing the latest Full Exhaust system for 2019/20 KTM 690 & Husqvarna 701 Enduro/Supermoto models.

A fully tricked out 3 pcs system and 1 into the muffler that has twin exit. This new muffler will fit the stock Husqvarna standard header too, we will be adjusting it to fit the stock KTM header if the demand is there in the near future.
The Euro 4 muffler will be released at a later date as its being tested for Euro 4 compliance.

Muffler Features:
- Special DB Killer that makes the pipe quieter without compromising HP.
- Full titanium muffler.
- New design header to be slimmer and closer fitting to the frame than earlier Tekmo header but still allowing access to change oil filter.
- Special maps will be available for full exhaust system from Rottweiler performance.

Weight: 3.7 KG

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