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Rottweiler Air Intake System KTM 1090/1190/1290 Stage 4

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Rally-Motor is de European import agent for Rottweiler Performance products. The stage 4 kit excists out of the airfilter-system, the fuel-dongles, Velocity stack and a fully pre-programmed Dynojet Power Commander V. This Power Commander V is being mapped by Rally-Motor with the official Rottweiler mappings, exactly adjusted to the setup of your motorbike.  Please let us know what kind of bike you have and what the exact setup is. You can do this during the ordering process or just send us an email.


Attention: These kits do not come pre-lubed. We use Motorex air filter spray to oil them. You can order them here

The long awaited fix for the failing stock KTM airbox is here! The Rottweiler Intake System has proven itself thousands of times over to be the #1 intake system for all KTM big twins by making (by far) the most horsepower, allowing the fastest and easiest filter services, keeping the cleanest intake charge and being the lightest weight kit available. Now we have brought this successful intake system to the new 1190 Adventure and 1290 Super Duke with the results KTM owners have become used to. Perfection. Don't let the stock airbox blues get you down, the Rottweiler Intake System for the 1190 and 1290s is here and makes it's usual big gains as an added bonus.

What are the forums saying?

  • "Best power gains for the dollar"
  • "No more worrying about the stock airbox failing to seal out dirt. It's spotless inside the Rottweiler."
  • "Much smoother roll on bottom end (Stage 3)"
  • "Significant reduction in under-seat heat issues"
  • "3+ more miles to the gallon"
  • "Doesn't trap water inside like the stock airbox configuration"
  • "Easy to install"

Stage 1 Kit: 

  • 1 Rottweiler Rally Series Filter Element
  • 1 base plate adapter
  • 1 60 cell pre filter 
  • Hardware
  • Oiling Instructions + Guide to online instructions
  • 2 / 5 mil Rottweiler Performance stickers

Stage 2 Kit: 

Stage 3 Kit: 

Stage 4 Kit: 

Notes, suggestions and precautions:

1. These do not come pre oiled for shipping purposes. 

2. It is recommended (but not entirely necessary) that the SAS system be removed when installing a Rottweiler Intake System.  If you skip the SAS removal options you will need to install a small filter where the SAS used to pull clean air from the stock airbox. 

3. Only the 'Stage 1' kit requires trimming the rear velocity stack by 20 millimeters. While this works quite well for power and use, our Stage 2 option includes a more optimal TVS-80-54 billet velocity stack which is a 'Tuned' bell-mouth replacement. This would be considered by tuning engineers as a more 'proper' setup for maximizing air flow and power outputs. These can also be purchased separately if the user prefers to tune with velocity stack lengths front and rear. You will NOT lose torque with these stacks. See dyno chart.

4. Installation of the Rottweiler Intake System on an Adventure 1190 / Super Adventure test bike has been tested to stay within very safe air fuel ratios with completely stock mapping at sea level. Air Fuel Ratios (AFRs) tested averaged out around 13.5 consistently with no mapping added. That being said, we can in no way guarantee that every motorcycle will perform the same way although it is very likely. We would suggest the use of our 'Rottweiler Fueling Dongles' to bump up your low end air fuel ratios by .5 to 1 point. Your stock ECU (on every KTM twin) uses 2 different maps to pass EPA standards. What this means it that below 5000 RPM and 20% throttle, your ECU is in what is called 'Closed Loop' mode which causes it to 'listen' to the stock narrow band O2s and other measuring devices and keep the low end as close to 14.7 AFR as possible. This is what causes the surging and 'jerkiness' of most 990's. The Rottweiler Fueling Dongles send a preset signal back to the stock ECU that causes it to send fuel closer to 13.8 AFR in closed loop mode which is much closer in transition to the rest of the mapping above that. We have found that your average AFRs stay .5 to 1 full point lower with these dongles. If you plan on purchasing a Powercommander unit to maximize the result of your Rottweiler Intake System, it comes with these dongles and you will not need to purchase them separately. If you do not want a Powercommander at this time, the Rottweiler Fueling Dongles are a great way to smooth out power deliver and they are plug and play.

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