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Rekluse's TorqDrive Clutch Replacement Kit for your KTM 790 Adventure & 790 Duke is a complete redesign from what your used to. The TorqDrive increased the number of friction disks over your stock set up affording you more consistent clutch actuation and torque. The kit also includes hardened sleeves that slide onto your stock clutch basket and protects from notching caused by the clutch plates slamming into the clutch hub when the clutch is engaged. This dramatically increases your stock clutch basket life and aids in clutch engagement and disengagement.

More Friction Disks = More Torque Capacity
TorqDrive technology features thin friction disks and protective basket sleeves. Developed over years of testing in professional racing, the thinner friction disks allow more disks to fit into the clutch, dramatically increasing performance and durability. Tuning options are expanded to maximize power transfer and reduce clutch lever pull effort. Riders feel improved acceleration, drive, and control.

Basket Sleeves Eliminate Notching
To protect and extend the life of the basket, TorqDrive includes steel lining sleeves to eliminate basket wear and notching.

Friction Pad Design Aids Oil Flow and Reduces Drag
The result is clean disengagement at the lever, improved modulation, and improved clutch control. TorqDrive disks utilize a steel core, while OEM disks use aluminum. When heated, steel expands less than half the amount of aluminum. This means clutch fade is virtually eliminated.

Friction Material Provides Superior Grip and Durability
Through years of research and testing, we have identified the best friction material for motorcycle applications considering functionality, grip and durability. This means our friction material can take more abuse than others before losing performance. We’ve seen up to 4 times the life compared to other clutches.


  • Provides Higher Torque Capacity and Increased Power Transfer over Stock
  • Eliminates Clutch Fade in all Conditions
  • Improved Durability and Reliability
  • Smoother Shifting 
  • Dramatically Increased Clutch Lever Feel
  • Basket Sleeves Eliminate Basket Wear and Notching

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