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Unifilter airfilter kit BMW 850/1100/1150GS

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R850R ('95-'06), R1100R ('94-'01), R1150R ('01-'06), R1100RS ('93-'01), R1150RS ('02-'05), R1100RT ('96-'01), R1150RT ('01-'05), R1100GS ('93-'99), R1150GS ('99-'03), R1150GS Adventure ('02-'05)

Two-stage foam filter with internal, expanded steel cage, zinc passivated for corrosion protection.  Supplied with two precleaners and reuseable cable ties for fixing to airbox snorkel inlet.  Precleaners provide added filtration and protection in off-road conditions prolonging the service interval of the main filter.  

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