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Innovative modular pannier system for your Off- and Allroad motorcycle. The OS-Base offers a mounting method for the OS6, OS12 or OS18 bags from the OS-series for Off- and Allroad bikes without having to use a mounting frame or luggage rack.

The modular design allows you to choose from a variety of bag mounting options. The OS-Base offers space for the OS-6, 12, 18, Overlander 15, US-Drypacks and A dufflebag or tent as a top bag. This top bag can then be secured with the mounting loops on the OS-Base and optional pull straps. After the OS-Base has been initially installed, it can be easily disassembled and reassembled for repeated use. Strong but lightweight construction due to the use of very strong Hypalon in combination with a semi-rigid core of polypropylene. The OS-Base is supplied with 2 OS-Rackloops which can be attached by means of 2 x 6mm holes through the mudguard. 

  • Serious 'adventure' motorcycle travel demands serious adventure luggage and the KRIEGA OVERLANDER-SYSTEM (OS) sets a new standard.
  • The NEW OS-BASE is the latest addition to the range. An innovative modular pannier system that fits virtually any trail, enduro or dual sport bike without the need for metal pannier frames.
  • The OS-BASE is an 'over the seat harness' which allows OS-6, OS-12 or OS-18 ADVENTURE PACKS to be mounted as panniers.
  • The modular design enables you to modify your luggage set-up to suit your ride - from a day’s single track to longer adventure trips.
  • By adding an additional OS-ADVENTURE PACK as a top bag, you have a possible 100% waterproof, highly durable carrying capacity of up to 54 litres.
  • The flexible design of the OS-BASE also enables you to mount earlier model Overlander 15 packs as panniers, US-DRYPACKS as top bags and includes ‘Loop Mounts' to attach a tent or sleeping mat.
  • After the initial set-up, it’s quick and easy to put on and take off and the heavy-duty hypalon construction with a semi rigid polypropylene core is very stable and lightweight.
  • The unique OS-RACK LOOP mounting system,* provides a very tough and reliable solution to the demands of off-road luggage carrying. 

*Includes 2 x OS-RACK LOOPS which require 2 x 6mm holes drilled in the rear fender for fitting.

Delivery consists of the "Harness" and OS-Rackloops, bags are not included.

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