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F2R RB850 Roadbook holder (standard accessories configuration)

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F2R RB850 Roadbook

Utilizing a revolutionary new transmission, the RB850 Rally is the best roadbook holder on the market. The new system uses wide rubber rollers instead of the traditional o-rings. These rollers transmit all the power and never slip. They turn the pages super fast, too. Yet, when you are removing a completed roadbook, they provide no resistance and the paper removes quickly and without tearing. It's an ingeniously simple design which checks all the boxes!

  • New innovative transmission works all along the roadbook from first to last note
  • Holds roadbook paper rolls up to 55 mm thickness (more than 18 meters long and 500 notes)
  • Build in aluminium for high mechanical resistance and lightness.
  • Roadbook load and unload operations made easier
  • High water and dust resistance for severe conditions use.
  • Aluminium and highly transparent polycarbonate cover with a view area of 158x107mm and double lock
  • Include internal leds for night navigation
  • Atractive design
  • Dimensions : 195x124x75 mm (excluding knobs)
  • Weight : 780gr

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