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NEW: CYCLOPS Multi Function turn signal kits 2.0

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CYCLOPS Multi Function turn signal kits


Cyclops builded these lights originally around the KTM790adv, but they als fit the KTM 990 ADV 2010 and newer, and the KTM 1090,1190adv, 1290 ADV. Attention: They don't work on the 1290 with a factory LED headlight. 
Don't be fooled by thinking these are the same as sold on discount websites, they may look similar but are far from it in terms of reliability, function, ease of installation, product support.
Now easily turn your blinkers into additional running lights and or brake lights(rear) for added visibility.
Bright white light in the front and red in the rear. You can select to run the rear red as brake lights or red running lights. If ran in brake light setup the red brake lights will come on sequentially flashing twice then go to solid red!  Be Seen!
Dazzling bright Amber sequential blinker functions. 
All in a Extremely rugged rubber stock to help prevent damage from a tip over or impact with brush, trees etc. Bends back 90 degrees or more.
Plug and play kits using factory connectors for all KTMs and Huskies.
Deletes flasher, jump cord included, No need to purchase led flasher units! Your indicator light on dash may not blink with this kit, it will activate, but remain solid. Adding a LED flasher will keep the indicator light flashing.(only doing the front or back may require a LED flasher or load resistor kit)
Other models coming soon. 
Available in a kit with all four, or kits for front or rear.
Perfect for KTM EXC 250, 350, 500, 690ADV, 790ADV, 950, 990, 1090, 1190, 2007 and newer.  Husky 350 , 501 and 701. These will not work on the 1290R or S with the factory LED headlight


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