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07BB28SP Brembo Sinter Street Rear (R1200GS)

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Brembo is known for their high quality brake discs and brake pads. They are the OEM supplyer for many motorcycle brands like KTM and BMW. Brembo Sinter Street brake pads are the perfect compromise for every use. They can be mounted with every metal brake disc.


The Brembo Sinter Street brake pads have better brake qualities, when you compare them with the organic ones, especially when it's wet or when the brake system has a high temparature. They have a short brake-in time, a long durability and a high wear resistance. 

One set of brakepads consists of two brake-pads for one disc. If your motorcycle has two dics on the front, you need to order two sets. Always compare the old brake-pads with the new ones, so you are 100% sure you have the right ons. Last but not least: For mounting brake pads you need to have some technical knowledge. It's not difficult, but when you are in doubt, ask someone to help you. If you mount the brake-pads the wrong way, it can result in damage of dangerous situations.   

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